About Us

InMotion Property Management is committed to providing quality housing for residents of rental properties. We are a family-owned company, offering experience and expertise to our clients, investors and partners. By developing strategic partnerships, we ensure that we are providing quality housing options in convenient and highly desired locations, and that we are constantly moving forward as a company.

InMotion Property Management takes great pride in the properties we manage, and we constantly strive to improve resident retention. By adopting a service-before-failure approach and developing properties with a long-term vision in mind, we achieve resident satisfaction and loyalty.

With 13 multi-family rental properties consisting of 750 apartments across the Twin Cities and Rochester metro areas, InMotion Property Management operates a diverse portfolio for investors, while offering clients a broad selection of housing solutions. We are continually exploring opportunities to increase our management portfolio by partnering with investors through new acquisitions and offering our professional expertise and services to current owners.

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